Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun With Dwarven Forge

 Fun with Dwarven Forge

When I was a kid I used to visit the hobby shop down town once in a great while ( I grew up in a rural area so rarely got to go downtown). But there was a gaming/hobby store there that sold D&D stuff. I remember coming across a small white box of miniature dungeon set pieces called Dwarven Forge.   I WANTED THEM.  But at $50.00 for small starter set, that was a lot of money back then.

So several  years ago, I stumbled across Dwarven Forge on ebay ( and then their website), and found that the costs had pretty much gone up since I was 15. A starter box was now around $140, but things were different, I had a job and money to spend and I WANTED THEM. So over the next few years I scoured ebay for old out of stock Dwarven Forge sets ( paying up to three times their original value- boy was I hooked), and I purchased quite a fair share of new sets from Dwarven Forge directly. I didn’t care much about keeping them boxed and in mint condition-  what was the sense in that- heck I wanted to play with them.

I now have a rather nice collection of Dwarven Forge. Certainly not everything Id like ( I still have a wish list) and not by far as much as some collectors I’ve see, but enough to set up a nice dungeon on a 4X8 ft table.

I found that I could spend hours and hours building a dungeon, the entire time imagining what the theme of the dungeon was, who or what lived there, etc.  I had long lost my creative fortitude to sit and draw dungeons on graph paper, so this was a new three dimensional way of designing dungeons. After I had them set up, Id take pictures, map them on graph paper, label some rooms and make some notes and file them away with my other billion dungeons I’ve created and may one day run some players through.

Here are some set ups Ive done:

Dungeon of Dooms:

Temple of the Eternal Flame

The Wizards Tower:


  1. These are utterly fantastic. I am quite envious of you. I almost couldn't believe some of the arrangements you have. I hope you get plenty of opportunity to bust those out heh :)

  2. Thanks I wish I could use them more often than I do. My Pathfinder group uses the wet erase graph boards for ease of play. I save these kinds of dungeon set ups for less involved rules lite games