Friday, April 27, 2012


The Barrowmaze!!! On Second Thought......

Over drinks at the Brazen Strumpet, Myra makes her case to the group.
"Gentlemen, this Barrowmoor is creepy and besides my spells don't work! Cadfael kept calling Hearn who seemed not to answer, and Orien's arrows were true to their mark but didn't fell these foul things. Plus they frighten off the help (even more than usual). The other quest from the Wizard of ID is the Quasqueton hideout 7 days from Threshold, but the Village of Eastbrook is just a day's travel from the hideout and we could use that as a base of operations. Quasqueton is rumored to be full of treasure from Rogan and Zelligar's adventures (and a little bird whispered in my ear that it may be "doable." [wink, wink]
"Here's my plan: We go back to Threshold and rustle up Golar. We grab some of our stash at the castle, recruit two red shir.. I mean Burly Men-at-Arms, provision up and head to Eastbrook. We rest up there, grab a couple of porters and go sack this hideout. We can do all that for under 250gp and I KNOW we'll come back with plenty to show for that!
"Think of the glory of fulfilling one of the famed wizard's quests! We'll surely start to make a name for ourselves with that accomplishment. What say you, brave companions?"

A rather despondent (and somwhat rheumy) Orien responds from the corner where he has been drowning his sorrows in multiple glasses of whatever swill this Hearn-forsaken place passes off as wine...

"I say, well, yes, I'm all for this Quasqueton place. Barrowmoor gives me that rash that I used to get as a child, right on my bum... oh, well that is rather too much information isn't it? My sincere <hic> apologies gentlemen and lady. I'm sorry, but I'm just rather a bit maudlin at the death of my friends Galdreel and Wargrim, and the incapacitation of poor trusty Bryrig - who Father Mallery discovered was alive after we dumped his fetid remains on the church steps when we got back. Ah, the memories.

Turns out he will be infirm for 11 weeks. I paid the poor chap 50 of my own gold and gave Father Mallery another 20 for looking out for him while he <hic> recovers. That leaves me with 30, which I now offer up for pyres for the memories of poor Galdreel and Wargrim. I think we're about 70 short, but we have 50 in party treasure. Any of you fine fellows or fellowesses care to chip in?

Additionally <hic>, excuse me, a bit to much of this, er, um, wine, or whatever they call it here... my bow is broken. I have a short bow courtesy of Galdreel's corpse, but I'm not nearly as proficient with this as a true longbow. Perhaps if we see fit, we could buy me a new one from the party treasure when we get back to Threshold, before setting off to this Eastbrook place? Ah, just the <hic> sound of 'Eastbrook' takes me back to my childhood when I would skip stones by the nearby brook. Oh, to live again those joyous scenes, the rapture and the folly that are locked inside my head. Ah, to once again see my dear father's face as he madly stamped the grapes at the winery. Alas, alac, it shall not be any time soon for poor Orien Greenflower..."

Blah blah blah, until someone sticks another drink in his hand.


"I know all about Quassquacktown. Ill be very useful to you" Callam pipes up.

"Hey didnt you say the same thing about the Barrowmoors?" Brother Cadfael replies. "I agrees with Myra, Callum, and Orien - Let's go to Quasqueton. Hope there are no undead. I am very sorry  that I was unable to turn a single undead. What good is a cleric who cannot turn? Maybe I should retrain as a thief? Always good to have two in the party."

Orien: "Heretic!"

So the group has decided to depart Barrowcrest to seek out Quasqueton with a brief stay over in Threshold to re supply with equipment, a few hirelings and some mules. Alas, the Barrowmaze will have to wait for another day......


  1. indeed. it's too bad they had so much bad luck there, because I'm thinking the tombs of barrowmaze offer the most abundant treasure out there. Hopefully once they man (and woman) up they'll come back to the treacherous moors.
    Also your players seem to be very good at roleplaying, unless you just whipped that up lol. And your cleric should be writing an angry e mail to kiltedyaksman regarding his inability to turn, we all know why that is if I'm reading the previous session reports right.

    1. Yea my players are good role players and decent story writers. Much of what I put here comes directly from them. I hope they do test out the Barrowmaze since they didnt even manage to get into one yet. I think they just got used to relying on the sleep spell in so many encounters which were pretty useless here and they also underestimated what they would be facing in the barrowmoors. I rather doubt Kiltedyaksman will have any sympathy for the cleric from what little Ive managed to take from his responses thus far and how he handles his own game. But I agree, I told them with great danger comes much reward,. They weren't happy with the meager treasure the goblins have had, but the barrows offer much more potential for wealth- but at a greater cost. Im hoping if they are successful at Quasqeton, that will make them feel a bit better about themselves and their capaabilities.

  2. I can only infer what you have going in your game, but in mine clerics can turn in BM, it just gets increasingly difficult to do so the more they turn.

    1. I use the same rules. The cleric had tried to turn the first undead 3 times without success ( I think without giving them away, you know why that didnt work). So when he got to the zombies, he was already at a -2 to turn- which he failed each time he tried as well.