Friday, March 30, 2012


Session #1 (3-11-2012): The Group Meets Up

The group met up at the Flaming Troll tavern to discuss banding together to pursue some of the local rumors about town in hopes of filling their pockets with gold.
Oren the Elf and Brother Cadfael the Cleric of Hern were loosly aquainted already and were joined by Myra the Wizard (ess?), and the Dwarf Golar.

Cadfael didn’t have much luck getting information from Olar the Half Ork barkeep, but a few gold coins and Myra was able to pry his tongue for information regarding the rumors surrounding Quesqueton. Unfortunately Olar nor anyone else for that matter seemed to know where the location of the former residence of Zelegar and Rohan was hidden. The group did find out that Castelan Velarys and Ionvard Ironfist the cleric of the temple of Law were seeking aid- and so off the group went.

They were met by a man at arms at the base of Moonstone Keep ( aka Goblin Castle), who cheerfully escorted them to see Velarys once they stated their interest in investigating the menace to the north.

Velarys informed the group that all he knew was that remnants of the former Dragon Army had hidden out in the caves and there was talk that they were beginning to cause problems for local travelers.
 Velarys promised 5 gp a head for each goblin and and orc head brought through the city gates.

From there the group went off to the Temple of Law, to discuss the rumors of the destruction of the Citadel of the Iron God. Along the way, Orien and Brother Cadfael noticed the remains of a temple perhaps to one of the nature deities in the trees and overgrowth at the base of the castle.

At the temple of Law, a very stern Ionvard Ironfist greeted the group and impatiently demanded their nature of their visit. Although he had little to offer in way of knowledge about the Caves of Chaos to the north, he was interested in the happenings surronding the destruction of the Citadel of the Iron God and wished the group to journey there and bring back information as to what happened there and where the monks were that tended to the citadel. The walking dead were rumored to have been seen in its vicinity.

And so the went off seeking Hirelings to pad their mission. They stopped at Hireling Hall and spoke with Guildmaster Osen about aquiring some man at arms, a guide and a porter. After the exchange  nearly all the parties remaining funds, the group had procured the assistance of Alig, Colmar and Ghile- three man at arms, a gimpy dwarf named Malg, and a young porter named Bryig. And so the group sets off into the unknown…..


Myra-  "Sopor Magisum".

Brother Cadfael  "The Power of Hearne Compells You!"
Golar the Dwarf

Orien Greenleaf
Callam the Knowitall

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