Sunday, February 17, 2013

INTO THE WILDERLANDS- Adventures in Karameikos Intro


Well I finally got a group together where I moved to that's becoming a bit more regular.  I wanted to really try out the DCC ( Dungeon Crawl Classics) because for me if felt like B/X on steroids. I felt DCC would appeal enough to the players who were used to the older versions of D&D and those that liked later versions with lots of character options.  And since I'm running  B/X in the Northern Reaches campaign with my online group, I really wanted to do something different with this group.

Though getting through all the combat, critical hit, fumble and spell tables is still a bit cumbersome at, I think the group is settling into it nicely. I'm finding  the rules creates some pretty cool play as far as combat and spell outcome.  I ran the group through some modules in the Norther Reaches Campaign, which were mostly dungeon crawl stuff. This was a good way to get us used to playing the rules, adopting stuff that we wanted, and altering stuff that didn't work for us.

After a few months of playing and about a  half dozen sessions, we all agreed to continue playing DCC  but with more role playing and a story arch.  I had always wanted to run Nights Dark Terror all the way through and felt this was a perfect mini campaign for us to play in for a while that didn't require a huge  and long term commitment. It also left a lot for me to expand upon and Ive created a while back story that fits well with the whole Law vs Chaos dynamics of DCC magic.

So we made new characters starting at 2nd level and I decided to run an intro module to get the party together and on the track to the mini campaign. Since, I LOVE running the Keep on the Boarderlands as a good intro, I decided to use that for a session or two to get the group some cohesion, some treasure and some magic items until its time to move onto Nights Dark Terror.

The group presently consists of three players (with another hoping to join in soon).  The party consists of:

Garidy the Fighter, mercenary caravan guard

Baltan the Halfling, former moneylender from Darokin

Tanowar the Elf, Alfeheim animal trainer, horse tenderer

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